Today and the Future of

Little did Steve know that hours preparing for the dance would lead him towards a lifelong dream and become the largest disc jockey service in the Yuba-Sutter area. Steve’s freshman year in high school continued to provide opportunities to gain experience as a Disc Jockey. Alicia school student body invited him to come back to perform at all their dances. Steve’s popularity began to grow and shortly, other junior high schools requested his services. By this time, Steve was borrowing every piece of equipment he could from his father’s home stereo to his older brother’s car speakers. He made weekly trips to the record store and purchased music for that week’s dance. His business sense had not grown yet for he would spend equally on records, as he would be compensated for at a dance. At the time, he charged $75.00 per dance and would easily spend $80.00 on records. This did not bother Steve one bit. He enjoyed his “hobby” and did not mind making little to no money. Steve’s payment was the ability to see his audience move and get lost in the music.

Two years later, Steve got his first real job at Kentucky Fried Chicken. Every penny he earned was used to purchase records and equipment. Steve bought his first record player and a mixer and was on his way to becoming a professional disc jockey. For that year, Steve was asked to perform at his first high school dance for his peers. As before, it was a huge success leading to other opportunities to learn and gain valuable experience. At that dance, one of the teachers in attendance asked Steve to perform at her daughter’s wedding reception. He commented, “I’ve never done one before, but I’ll give it my best shot.”

He gave his best for that reception and other guests requested his appearance at their receptions. Steve realized the potential to make money and saw a business in the making. He decided he needed a name and came up with standing for Ting and Steve Productions. Ting was his older brother who helped him because Steve had not yet earned his driver’s license. Ting was a great big-brother driving Steve around, helping set-up and an even pushed play on the record players while Steve took a break for a soda. The school dances lead to wedding receptions, anniversary parties, birthday parties and corporate events. In 1992, Ting and Steve decided it was easier to be family instead of business partners. Ting went his way and started his own successful company. Steve kept on working with and has made it the largest and most respected DJ Company in Northern California.

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