Job Well Done from Hillary Love

You made our wedding such a memorable experience. I loved how the guests were entertained while they waited for dinner. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and had a great time! Never a dull moment. I would definitely recommend you to others. I have been to other weddings and by far you are the best!! Thank you so much for a job well done!!


Party with TSPdj for FREE

Official Rules:

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  • Upload a video to the Events Page explaining why it’s so fun to Party With TSPdj!
  • Video must include “TSPdj” some where.
  • Video must be no longer than 1 minute (Get creative by Including friends, family, graphics, music, etc).
  • All material on the video must be original and may not violate any copyright laws (if you add a song, photos, videos, you must produce it, sing it, own it, but you can’t load someone else’s work without permission) Violation of such laws will disqualify you.
  • Vulgarity, nudity or distasteful subject matter in video will result in immediate disqualification.
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  • Most overall “likes” will win a free (Premium Package) DJ from TSPdj. 2nd most “likes” will receive 2nd Prize.
  • Upload timeline is: August 1, 2011, 3 PM – September 5th, 2011, 12 PM.
  • Voting begins September  7, 2011 – September 21, 2011, 12 PM.

Grand Prize: ($1800.00 Value)

Premium Package: 5 Hours of Play time at your reception and ceremony. Up-lighting, Slide Show Montage production and presentation, Dance Floor Lighting, First Dance Remix, Coordination, Emcee, a Fun Atmosphere and more.

2ND Prize: ($450.00 Value)

We will donate our services to your favorite organization or charitable group in your name. 3 Hours of play time maximum.

Prizes may not be redeemed for cash and must be used within one year of award. Prizes not available on holidays. Subject to available opening dates. Eligibility includes everyone on Northern California over age 18. Winners may gift the prize to a friend. If a winner has a current and valid contract with TSPdj, the award will take care of the remaining balance of the contract or they may upgrade to The Premium Package. Travel fee may apply for areas outside of 75 radius of Marysville. All decision are final.  Winner must provide venue. TSPdj reserves the right to choose the winning videos in case of a tie. Good Luck. (We know it’s a little bit of work to make a video… but it’s worth it).


DJ’s Placement – Does it matter?

Suggested room layout.

This is my first official blog on my site. I hope you find this information useful.

Every week, I meet with couples and discuss their music, coordination of the event, lighting, theme and venue layout. The layout of the venue is important and one that many people overlook. Often, the layout is designed with a “look” or a “feel” attempting to create a magical, spectacular venue. From my experiences, the layout will definitely create a mood, but it can also create a flow… meaning how your guests interact with you and how they move about the venue, which also contributes to their fun.

I suggest a simple layout as demonstrated by my illustration. With the dance floor near the middle, it will allow your guests to see all the action from the first dance to the bouquet and garter toss, the toast and the cake cutting. Once the cake is cut, the cake can be moved to the side for dancing.

During dinner music(red area), it is played at a lower level, allowing for your guests to visit and chat. They won’t have to shout over the music. When the main dancing begins, the speakers are pointed towards the dance floor creating enough volume to fill the dance area while at the same time, directing the sound away from the guest’s tables. Your guests will be able to continue to visit, although, many will gravitate towards the dance floor (if you know what I mean).

Finally, THE BAR! Where does it go? Whenever it’s placed in an adjoining room… that’s where people go. When it’s in the same room as the dancing (maybe towards the corner), people will linger around the bar, but still be part of the action. For example, At my 20th High School reunion, the committee members and I told the staff at the Peach Tree Golf and Country Club we wanted the bar in the same room as the dancing. Although their staff was reluctant, they obliged and it kept everyone in one room, therefore contributing to the event’s success. Too often, when the bar is in seperate room, people hang out at the bar and the dance floor could be busier.


DJ Ruethai Steve Allard – Voted Best of Yuba Sutter 2008

Fans of the Yuba Sutter area voted TSPdj (Ruethai Steve Allard) best of Yuba Sutter. “We’ve never had a DJ take first place in the music catagory before…” says a sales representative from the Appeal-Democrat.


TSPdj has been Yelped – 5 Stars.

Recently, a very happy bride yelped us. Yelp is an online review site where customers leave comments and reviews about business in which they delt with in the past. Reviews are not solicited. Here is the link:


Ruethai Steve Allard Wins National DJ Contest

Ruethai Steve Allard of TSPdj competed in a national competition hosted by in October, 2007 performing “Best New Game” for weddings. Of the 249 attendees, Ruethai was voted top performer beating out other DJ’s from New York, Tennessee, Arizona, Seattle and Chicago.

The competition took place aboard the Carnival Cruise ship in conjunction with the National WEdj convention. Wedj solicited contestants to submit a written description of their “Best New Game” for weddings. Ruethai was chosen one of six finalists to perform at the conference in front of fellow DJs and conference attendees.



TSPDJ Site Redesigned!

Welcome to the redesign on the website. Please feel free to leave your comments about our fresh new design below 🙂