TSPDJ continues to develop new and fun ways to engage with audiences, clients, and families. We’ve added computerized light shows (moving heads, uplighting, color floods) and many additional ad-ons to complete your event. The music options are expansive and include popular genres such as the Big Band era of the 1940s to the popular sounds of today. The collection includes Country, Rock-N-Roll, Oldies, Top 40, Disco, Classic Rock, Jazz, Easy Listening, Alternative, R&B, Latin, and House.

Their professional equipment is state of the art using such brands as Bose®, Pioneer®, Mackie ®, and Audio Technica®. No other local Disc Jockey Company can compare in quality and reliability. The audio is 100% digital, crystal clear, and extends through the full range of the audio spectrum, ranging from crisp highs to deep booming bass.

Over the years, the DJ’s at TSP have developed excellent personalities to add humor, interactive play, games, and activities to motivate the crowd to have a great time. Even for those who care not to dance, they have something for everyone. They have developed techniques that bring young and old together with music and laughter. Their unique style sets them above their competitors. They guarantee an excellent time.
Compared to other local Disc Jockey companies, TSP ranks number one in service, quality, and customer commitment. TSP is the only local company that offers liability insurance and accepts credit cards. Other local companies might try to pass themselves off as professional, but only TSP is truly professional.

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