TSPDJ History

In 1985, a young boy involved in student government at a local junior high school was heavily involved in a discussion about their canteens. The discussion surrounded Disc Jockeys who were very expensive, lacked the kind of music the student body desired, and were not consistent. Steve Allard, Student Body Vice President of Alicia Intermediate School, had a brainstorm. He thought, “Why not play music ourselves? We have the equipment; my best friend’s mother has all the music we like; and we can save money.” After some discussion, the student body officers decided to give the idea a try. The worst that could happen had already happened… a bad dance.

Steve and his best friend, Thomas, were determined to have a successful dance. Weeks before the canteen, the two friends spent countless hours surveying students for their favorite songs. They carefully audited the music requests and arranged them in order so they would sound the best. They spent several hours recording music onto cassette because they only had one record player. The date of the canteen rolled around. The excitement was felt among fellow students, as they knew one of their own would play the music they wanted. No more hassling with other DJ’s to play their favorite songs. After two-and-one-half hours, much stress between Steve and Thomas and several liters of soda, the last song ended. To their surprise, the audience burst into a loud cheer and a standing ovation. The dance was a success! And to show gratitude, the Student Body Advisor paid each of them $40.00 each. The boys were elated because at age thirteen, $40.00 appeared more like a million dollars. Due to their success, they were asked to perform at the remaining school dances for the year.

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